From New York to California



We knew from the first meeting that our estate planning was in good hands. Mike’s personal service and attention to detail are unparalleled. Even though we had previously set up wills, living wills and other legal documents, as well as done extensive long-term financial planning, Mike pointed out several gaps in our overall plan. Filling those gaps was essential to completing our plan, and our values and objectives for our estate were a key component. We were not as informed of the tax implications of our existing plan as we thought, and thanks to Mike, we will save our heirs a significant amount of money in taxes.”
— Mark Antonini (Board Member / Bond Trader)

As a Certified Public Accountant, I had experience in the process. I found Mike’s knowledge and advice to be highly valuable. He was technically proficient and was accessible to a range of specialist as my needs required. In working with Mike, I found him to be well balanced, making good suggestions without feeling pushed. Most importantly, he is a kind and down to earth gentleman. We recommend him highly for estate planning engagements.
— Gary Watkins

I like many others have a reluctance to estate planning and tend to put it off until tomorrow. I think the same goes for people who have a plan but fail to keep it current like my wife and me. You have made our experience of reviewing, discussing, considering options and finalizing our updated plan a true joy. Your knowledge, your presentation skills, your humor, your spiritual faith along with your caring attitude have all been a blessing to us. We feel so fortunate that WKU has chosen you and us to participate in this estate planning process.
— David Wiseman, Retired Life Insurance Agent

This process has been great for us. We learned a lot about IRD assets, CRUTs and the fact that there are many options for distributing wealth upon death. By receiving timely feedback regarding our multiple questions and inquiries, you provided us with accurate and detailed information, which allowed us to discuss our options in concrete rather than abstract terms. Thank you so much for leading us on this journey. We enjoyed it and wish you all the best.
— Paul Calico, Federal Judge