Planned Giving


Recently, I've assisted seven couples and two individuals make planned gifts of +$12 million to their favorite charities. Four of these couples did not have an intent to leave a philanthropic legacy! They were not aware of the "hidden tax" in their current will or the ability to self-direct this liability from the IRS to their favorite charity.

Your planned giving prospects include:

Singles/couples age +60
Singles/couples who built their wealth in unrealized income assets such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, etc. 
Singles/couples without children
Singles/couples who are fearful of leaving a large inheritance to their heirs
Singles/couples with successful heirs
Current and retired board members
C-suite members
Current and retired employees
Singles/couples who have given small annual gifts for +5 years
Families of people who have received the benefits of your mission
Legacy Society
Major donors
Professional advisors such as attorneys, CPAs, etc.  


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