Donor acquisition
Would you be interested in acquiring new donors with a first time gift of $1,000 and a commitment to give $1,000 annually with a retention rate of 80%?

Donor retention
Most nonprofits have donor retention ranging from 30%-40%.  Sadly, the average retention rate regarding first-time donors is 25%.  A 10% increase in retention provides a substantial increase in revenue.  

Wizard Report
This report is an extensive five-ten year analysis of donor giving history. Do you know your renewal rate for first-time donors? Do you know your renewal rate for one-year lapsed donors or two-year lapsed donors? Do you know your donor lifetime value? 

Major gift
Your mid-high income donors have less than 10% of their net worth in liquid assets. More than likely, you continue to ask for gifts from discretionary income and do not ask for donations from net worth. Your major donors are willing to make contributions from their net worth! 

Planned giving
The majority of your donors have "hidden taxes" in their current will and are not aware of the ability to self-direct the liability from the IRS to their favorite charities. I can assure you that 100% of your donors choose their favorite charities. Your planned giving prospect pool is more than likely not reflected in your current planned giving strategy. 

Your culture of philanthropy
What are the differences between great fundraising organizations and good fundraising organizations?  Are fundraising objectives owned collaboratively by the board, C-suite, and do they work together to achieve your fundraising objectives?