Passion. Experience. Diligence.



Mike Cowart, Sr.

Philanthropy is in our family DNA. 

 My Dad & Mom gave to various faith-based missions. Dad also gave his time to assist widows with plumbing problems. I remember him coming home from a hard day's work, eating dinner, and going to repair plumbing problems and not charging for his services. 

Dad and Mom lived a "giving life!" 

Since 1981, I've had the privilege of assisting nonprofits from many different sectors including political, higher education, faith-based, and healthcare. 

Nothing is more rewarding than to acquire a donor and experience the eventual connection of the donor's story and the nonprofit’s story, which culminates in a planned gift.

I would be honored to assist your organization in the transformation of becoming exceptional with donor acquisition, donor retention, and maximizing the lifetime value of your donors.